Rita Evans: Disembodied Light Orchestra, 2009

Rita Evans: Disembodied Light Orchestra, 2009

Participants simultaneously create and respond to a colour projection above them (a 'living score') as they interact with amplified objects and raw materials. The materials involved are divided into three different subject areas so that they can be picked out by the colour projection, which is made up of three different colours for each sound. These subject areas are: wet materials (clay, water, ice), dry materials (powders, metals), and flat materials (papers, plastics, foils). This set up is also described in the attached map. Each object, instrument or material brought to the table to be played is put in its closest category and then amplified using a variety of microphones. The colour projection divides all the sounds into three colours that unify into one continual mix, making a concentrated environment. These colours are chosen on the day to create a slightly different mood in the room each time. For example on one day it might be decided (due to environmental reasons or intuition) that the metallic sounds will produce 'yellow' and might mix a bit with the wet materials which will be 'blue' which produces a variety of greens in the projection.

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