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Responding to the invite to act as a temporary agent for the FREE DEParTment I have developed a series of projects within the context of artschool uk. The studies I have undertaken to carry out the specific task of exploring the subject of (de)schooling include research into crowded spaces and disorder, edible systems, and the gift. Conversations with three artists and a kid provide the following materials (1) for the artschool web site:  


Fritz Haeg, "Edible Estate Regional Prototype Garden #6: Baltimore, Maryland", 2008


With AA, a conversation with AA Bronson, New York 2010     


a gift/s for time from Anne Tallentire


Hector says, Serpentine Pavilion, Hyde Park London, 3 Sep 2010

(1) Antonio Negri, in Time for Revolution (2003): “‘Teleology’ is the name that suits materialism in so far as it is the name that suits the common. Materialist teleology knows no final cause from which and/or towards which it advances. On the contrary, it is the form through which the eternity of matter, that is to say the horizon of the world, progressively constitutes itself without any axiomatic qualification. ‘Constitutes itself’: i.e. the present forms, establishes and innovates itself, through singular common figures. ‘Progressively’: in accordance with the direction of time fixed by the arrows of temporality. Time progresses. The regress in time does not depend on time but on the human activity of time (the fixing of time, the accumulation of its moments, memory). Consequently, the singular horizon of life is increasingly the common form of being in time. It is all of time realised in the actuality of the common.”

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