Malin Ståhl’s Vita:

Malin Ståhl is a gallerist, writer and curator. In 2005 she co-founded Hollybush Gardens a gallery in Bethnal Green, representing; Johanna Billing, Falke Pisano, Bruno Pacheco, Eline McGeorge, Ruth Proctor, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, Claire Hooper, K.H Henriksen, Karl Holmqvist , Andrea Büttner and Benoit Maire. Whilst working within the gallery  context,  Stahl has curated  a range of initiatives such as  Imagine Norberg a residency in a small town in Sweden, inviting ten artists to respond to site and place.  Happy Pappy an occasional artists magazine project and  What is to be said?,  a series of talks, events and performances. Ståhl also attends art schools as a visiting lecturer.

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