Marijn van Kreij’s Vita:

Marijn van Kreij (Middelrode, 1978) lives and works in Amsterdam. Van Kreij uses a range of media, including drawing, sculpture and video. Central to his practice is an idiosyncratic process of appropriation, repetition and copy, made manifest through various devices, including the staging of ready-mades. Van Kreij’s pieces often borrow lyrics from pop songs or re-visit historical works of art. Drawings, such as Untitled (Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats) #1, #2 (2007), first appear as absent-minded doodles where text, marks and images coexist on the same page. But through a characteristic process of doubling, whereby van Kreij copies his own drawings, the chaotic compositions’ calculated effect is revealed as a complex anarchical poetics built on the free interplay of textual and visual signs. His work has been shown internationally in numerous group- and solo exhibtitions. In 2004 he was awarded the Prix de Rome basic prize and in 2006 the Uriot prize.

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