Alicia Paz’s Vita:

Alicia Paz is a Mexican artist based in London. Her studies, exhibitions and residency projects have led her to also spend extensive periods in the USA, France and Germany. Over several years, Paz has explored the tension between artifice/ illusion and the veracity of actual processes involved in painting, exposing the duplicitous nature of representation. At present her aim is to research, through the idiosyncrasies of her medium, whether a multiplicity of languages, styles, quotations and mannerisms can be explored simultaneously, ‘harnessed and liberated’ in such a way as to render them poignant vehicles for her own subjective reflection on identity. Paz dwells on notions of disjunction, hybridity, assemblage and metamorphosis. An exploration of diverse painting ‘cultures’ is an intrinsic part of her work, as is an attention to authorship and subjectivity from a feminist/feminine perspective.

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