Christian Jankowski’s Vita:

Christian Jankowski's video productions, films, photographs and installations explore the relationship between the artist, the institutions of art, the media and society. With his dry sense of humour, he investigates the art business and questions the roles of politics, entertainment and global business strategies beyond their cliches and conventions. Jankowski’s work gently disarms his audience, subverting expectations and entertaining at the same time. His work is a performance, which engages often unsuspecting collaborators to innocently collude with him, making them 'co-authors' of the final result, who often (sometimes inadvertently) participate in the very conceptualisation of the work. The collaborative nature of Jankowski's practice is paramount, as each participant unwittingly contributes his or her own texture. With Jankowski, there is as much emphasis on the journey as the destination, and the risks and chances inherent in his collaborations ultimately give surprising shape to the final works. The product of a generation that grew up with the ubiquity of film and television, its inherently populist influence is evident throughout Jankowski's work.

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